A Digital Estate Plan: What is it, and What Does it Involve?

Digital Estate Plan

A digital estate plan focuses on your digital assets rather than physical or financial assets. In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on digital and online platforms, everything is changing. Estate planning is no exception. In addition to having estate planning for your physical and financial assets, you need to have a plan for […]

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End-of-Life Decisions: What to Consider and Why it’s Important

End-of-Life Decisions

While it can seem morbid, making end-of-life decisions is important to both your estate and your loved ones. There is a lot to consider, which can be overwhelming. For that reason, we have broken some of this information down for you. While not everything will be applicable to every situation, much of it will. Keep […]

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Inheritance Tax Comparison: NJ, PA & DE

Inheritance Tax Comparison NJ, PA & DE

This article should make you familiar with the general inheritance tax considerations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Tax considerations are a large part of the job of an administrator or executor of a Will. You should consult a certified public accountant with regard to all tax issues. The requirements vary by state, so you […]

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A Properly Executed Will: Lessons from Aretha Franklin’s Estate Battle

properly executed will

Aretha Franklin’s estate battle teaches us lessons about a properly executed will. The recent jury verdict in the case of Aretha Franklin’s estate has shed light on the significance of having a properly executed will and the consequences of failing to do so. The legal issue surrounding her handwritten documents found in her couch after […]

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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

New Jersey Workers' Compensation

Getting New Jersey Workers’ Compensation from losing a family member to a work-related accident is something we hope we never have to encounter. In the event that a family member, particularly a spouse or parent, dies in New Jersey due to a work-related accident or illness, there are benefits available for the the deceased’s dependents. […]

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The Mode of Operation Standard In New Jersey

Mode of Operation Standard in New Jersey

Businesses want to follow the mode of operation standard in New Jersey because if someone injures themselves that business will be held accountable if proper precautions aren’t in place. For businesses and customers injuries typically want to be avoided by all parties involved. However, when injuries do occur on business property, the workplace must be […]

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Deeds & Undue Influence In New Jersey

Deeds & Undue Influence In New Jersey

Undue influence in New Jersey can become a problem when transferring property according to a Last Will and Testament, as deed is required to initiate that transfer. This legal document must be signed by all involved parties and will have the specifics of the property included. However, this can become complicated if the issue of […]

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Property Survey and New Jersey Real Estate Transactions

nj property survey

Do you need a property survey when purchasing property in New Jersey? It it is important to know what property and land you are going to own to the fullest extent possible. One of the ways to do this is to hire a professional to perform a survey of the property. There are several different […]

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Intestacy in NJ

intestacy in NJ

Did you know that if someone dies without a valid will, the law of intestacy in NJ governs who inherits the estate? A New Jersey Court recently decided a case involving an interesting set of facts in intestacy. In the case, Douglas Castellano (“Douglas”) died without a valid will, resulting in a dispute between his […]

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New Jersey Guardianship Application Process – General Overview

A General Overview of the New Jersey Guardianship Application Process

Filling out a guardianship application process in New Jersey may become necessary once a loved one becomes unable to care for themselves or manage their own affairs due to illness or advanced age. These situations show the importance of proper estate planning, including the need for a power of attorney. The reason for this is […]

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